What are the modules in Order Management Plus?
- OM Plus has different modules to cater to different areas of managing your business.

Get the whole picture of your business with our smart Dashboard.
Connect with your clients, Add new clients and Edit existing clients with Clients
Connect with your suppliers, Add new suppliers and Edit existing suppliers with Suppliers
Manage your purchases with Purchase.
Get Information about your Products, their quantity and their total value with Inventory.
Move stocks in different warehouses With Stock Movement.
Add New Warehouses and Inventory with Add Warehouse.
Get details of sales orders and perform different actions on them with Orders.
Generate real time and multi-perspective Reports.
Restock your inventory with Purchase Orders.
Manage and pay your vendors on time with Bills.
Tailor your organization to suit your needs and preferences with Settings.
What are the modules in Order Management Plus?
- Order Management Plus is the bridge between the Sales, Production and Distribution functions of a company. It is the administration of business processes related to orders for goods or services.

Order Management
Accounts Management
Warehouse Management
Inventory Management
Analytics & Reports
Purchase Management
Expense Management
Invoicing and Payments
Can I get Trial Extension ?
- When your trial expires, you can subscribe to one of our pricing plans that best suits your business needs.
What are the different pricing plans?
- Each industry has its own needs and the volume of their needs is directly proportional to the scale of their business. To cater to your specific needs, we have an array of pricing plans. No hidden costs! No strings attached!

*Pricing Plan Table*