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Order Management Plus

Inventory and Order Management Software to digitize, automate and streamline your business.

The complete Inventory and Order Management System

Order Management Plus is the bridge between the Sales, Production and Distribution functions of a company.
It is the administration of business processes related to orders for goods or services.

Greater AgilityProvides greater visibility of entire sales cycle to sellers & buyers.


Faster ProcessingRemoves Paperwork & accelerates order processing. Sales representatives can focus more on high value work.


Improved AccuracyMinimizes or Eliminates human involvement in sales order processing, thus resulting in higher accuracy.


Powerful PerformanceOptimized code that are completely customizable and deliver unmatched fast performance.


Manage Orders EfficientlyManages orders from receipt to fulfilment using a single platform.


Cost SavingEliminates a lot of painstaking manual labor and duplication of effort, thus resulting in cost saving.

Automated Payment
Automated Assignment
Automated Invoicing
Automated Inventory Updation

All the Features You Need to Manage Your Online Business and Succeed

Multi Channel Sales

Blend the customer experience by giving them the choice to engage on the channel they prefer. Sell through Multiple sales Mediums i.e Point of sales, Field sales, Marketplace selling and Social selling.

Analytics & Reports

Improve your selling strategies with relevant sales data insights and a link to your Google Analytics.

Invoicing & Payments

Accept immediate payments through in-place invoices and keep proper track of them.

Order Management

OM+ makes it possible to manage orders from receipt to fulfilment using a single platform.

Purchase Management

Hassle-free and flexible purchasing Process

Customers Testimonials

Great Product!

Order Management Plus” made the technical aspects of our implementation ridiculously easy. It helped us in managing orders and inventory. We can now optimize inventory and order management, right from purchase to packing, to payments.

Clean, Intuitive & Easy to use.

Before Order Management Plus, We used to manage everything using spreadsheets but it was impractical. OM+ helped us streamline and organize our business.

Outstanding & Top Notch Service.

OM+ is by far the most reasonable system for order management. It is surprisingly easy to use and the customer service is magnificent. They are available on all the working days and happily modify the software to specific business needs.

Excellent Tool, Saves a lot of time!

OM+ is extremely helpful if you are selling through point of sales, field sales, marketplace, social network etc. It integrates the product and manages the stock qty at a single screen. You can change the price, qty very quickly from inventory screen for all multi-channel site.

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